Single-Trap Solutions

For wildlife or rodent control where you are monitoring an isolated trap, or when your traps are more than a few thousand feet away from each other, Trapmate provides the Trapmate Kiwi line of products.

Combining dual-sensor functionality with a direct cellular connection, the Trapmate Kiwis are a key part of the toolkit for anyone in the trapping business.

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Single-Trap Solutions
Trapmate Kiwi

The Trapmate Kiwi combines two different sensors and a direct cellular connection to create the ultimate single-trap ERM device

The Trapmate Kiwi is the gold standard of single-trap electronic remote monitoring devices. Combining a magnet sensor (reed switch), an accelerometer and a direct cellular connection, the Kiwi is the best choice for monitoring single traps at a distance.

Lightweight, rugged, and powered by replaceable off-the-shelf batteries, the Kiwi and its dual-sensor capabilities provide almost 100% reliability in detecting a capture.

The Kiwi can monitor traps in any location that receives even a weak cellular connection from the Verizon network.

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