Trapmate Software

Trapmate’s software applications provide you with full visibility and control over your Trapmate devices.

You’ll get real-time alerts in the apps about any trap events, which can be relayed to your and your team by e-mail or text message as well.

Your Trapmate apps also help register your devices, monitor device status and configure device settings like sensitivity and check-in frequency.

Skyhawk offers both the CE and Enterprise Editions of the Trapmate Software. Download the Skyhawk CE app from the Apple and Android app stores to begin. The Enterprise Edition also offers a desktop portal solution.

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Trapmate Software
Trapmate CE Edition

The Trapmate CE app monitors all your Trapmate devices for alerts
The Trapmate CE Edition is the ideal Trapmate Software solution for pest and wildlife control operators where the technicians manage their own territories and monitoring devices.

Using the CE Edition software, technicians can:

  • Register and activate new Trapmate devices
  • Map the deployment of each device
  • Receive real-term alerts of any trap activity
  • Send alerts to themselves or others on SMS and by e-mail
  • Monitor device status and configure device settings

The Trapmate CE Edition can be downloaded from the Apple or Android app stores as “Skyhawk CE”.

Trapmate Software
Trapmate Enterprise Edition

The Trapmate Enterprise Edition is the ideal Trapmate Software solution for larger pest and wildlife operators. It combines a mobile application for technicians and a desktop portal for the team manager.

In addition to the features provided by the CE Edition, the Enterprise Edition allows you to:

  • Track your devices by team members
  • Manage customers with multiple locations
  • Create custom reports by customer or location
  • Map multi-device Trapmate installations at customer sites

To use the Enterprise Edition, talk to your Trapmate account representative and start by downloading the Skyhawk CE app.

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