Trapmate Accessories

Skyhawk provides a wide variety of accessories to help you get the most value out of your Trapmate ERM investment.

These accessories include adapters for easier installation into your stations, connectors for different trap setups, sleeves for device protection and the Trapmate Harborage, a fully integrated Trapmate station solution.

Trapmate Accessories
Trapmate Adapters

Trapmate Adapters are low-cost inserts designed to fit snugly into your existing stations and make installing Trapmate sensors easy.

We provide inserts for the pest control industry’s most commonly used stations. Don’t see one of the stations you use? Talk to us about custom adapter designs.

Trapmate Accessories
Trapmate Sleeves

Trapmate provides sleeves for its Kiwi (shown), Hub and Sensor devices to help provide additional protection from both impact shocks and the elements.

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