Trapmate Hub


If you’d like to purchase 5 or more Hubs, please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about our enterprise pricing plans. 

The Trapmate Hub is the central gateway of the Trapmate Hub and Sensors multi-trap electronic remote monitoring (ERM) solution. Combining RF and cellular communications, the Hub connects Trapmate sensors as far away as 2000 feet with the Trapmate software on your phone or desktop.

The Trapmate Hub uniquely offers long-range monitoring capabilities running solely on 3 AA lithium batteries, which last for more than a year.

Because it’s battery-powered, you can place the Hub high up on a wall, a roof or a tree, safely out of the way of foot and machine traffic, for the best signal range. A true drop-and-go device, the Hub requires no pairing or passwords or power or WiFi connections.

  • Requires one or more Trapmate sensors and a subscription to enable remote monitoring
  • Works in the United States and Canada
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The Trapmate Hub is a battery-powered RF/cellular gateway which sits at the middle of your Trapmate multi-trap deployments.

The Hub's proprietary 915MHz radio frequency communications allow you to monitor any Trapmate Sensor at a distance as far as 2,000 feet (line of sight). The connection distances you can achieve in your deployments depends on the structures you're deploying your traps in (number of walls, materials of wall, trap locations) but is generally hundreds of feet inside most buildings.

The Hub communicates with the Trapmate apps on your phone or desktop via a cellular connection on the United States carrier with the most reliable network and the greatest coverage. In 2024, we'll be adding support for deployments in Canada as well. Only a weak cellular signal -- enough to send a text -- is required for the Hub to operate reliably.

The Hub is battery-powered and will run for more than a year on 3 off-the-shelf AA lithium batteries, which you can easily replace. Because the Hub is battery-powered, you can safely place it in area out of sight of your clients and away from potential interference such a foot or machine traffic. By placing the Hub in an elevated location, you will enjoy greater range to your Trapmate Sensor devices.

Hub subscriptions are as low as $10 per month (annual subscription), or $14/month for a quarterly subscription, and $18/month if you go month-to-month.

Enterprise customers can receive additional discounts on subscription rates based on their purchase volume. For more information on subscription pricing, send e-mail to [email protected].


Size   (L x W x H) 4.00 x 4.00 x 1.30 in  / 10.16 x 10.16 x 3.30 cm
Weight 16oz / 454g
Operational Temperature 0F° to 140F° / -18C° to 60C°
Operational Humidity 10 to 100% RH
Ingress Protection IP64/67
Material Lexan
Mounting Mounting ears, magnets or velcro
Power Source 3 x AA primary lithium batteries; external power source optional
Average Power Usage < 1mW
Power Lifetime 1-2 years
External Power Connection Optional: USB-C or energy harvester
Backbone to Cloud LTE CAT-M1
Local RF 915 ISM, GFSK, <1W
Local RF LOS Range 2000 ft / 610 m
Antenna Type Internal or external
Radio Transmit Frequency NA
Radio Transmit Power Up to 1W
Supported Signals Alerts and polling. Low data.
Data Security VPN
Regulatory (US) FCC 15.247
Environmental UL