Trapmate Kiwi


The Trapmate Kiwi is an all-in-one battery-powered device for the electronic remote monitoring of animal traps. Combining two sensor mechanisms — a magnetic reed switch and an accelerometer — with cellular communications, the Kiwi provides alerts directly to the Trapmate software on your phone or desktop when an animal is in your trap. The Kiwi’s dual-sensor architecture and adjustable sensitivity settings make the device virtually foolproof, eliminating the false or missed alerts that other ERM systems struggle with.

The Kiwi operates on 3 AAA lithium batteries and will operate for as long as two years on a single set, after which they are easily replaceable.

The Kiwi ships with a protective sleeve and a pull magnet kit to provide multiple methods for activating the reed switch.

Subscriptions for the Kiwi start as low as $7.99 (2-year subscription) or can be purchased at $9.99/month (1-year subscription), 12.99/month (3-month subscription) or $19.99 ( month-to-month subscription)




  • No Wi-Fi. No Power. No Problem.️ The Kiwi live-capture trap monitor senses both magnet pulls for trap door closures and vibration to detect animal movement; No power or Wi-Fi connection is needed; Kiwis are ideal for use in remote areas with limited infrastructure and work with any kind of trap
  • Durable and Reliable: The Skyhawk Team worked with leading wildlife and trapping experts to design this portable detector that installs in minutes and withstands a wide range of harsh conditions without issue; Long-lasting batteries give you dependable intel and peace of mind. The included protective sleeve provides further protect from weather and inpact.
  • Dual Sensors: No more checking empty traps; The Kiwi uses a vibration sensor to confirm a successful live animal capture and a reed switch that notifies you when the cage door shuts; An alert is sent to you within moments via text, email, or the Skyhawk CE app
  • Know When a Trap Door Closes: Limit the time captured animals spend in a trap; The double sensors and instant notification help you know which traps to check; Skyhawk’s Kiwi was named “Outstanding Innovator of 2019” by NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association)
  • Easy-To-Use App for iOS and Android: Simply download the Skyhawk CE App, register your device, choose your subscription plan, and start monitoring; The customizable app allows you to add and remove sensors, check battery status, and manage notifications through a streamlined user interface

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