Trapmate Snap Trap Magnet Holder (50-pack)


Designed for the rapid setup of the Trapmate Vibration/Magnet Sensor, the Snap Trap Magnet Holder securely attaches and correctly positions the magnet on your snap traps so you can take advantage of the nearly 100% accuracy of the Vibration/Magnet Sensor’s magnetic reed switch.

Attaches to both Jawz-style traps and standard snap traps.

Sold in packs of 50.




The Trapmate Snap Trap Magnet Holder makes installing Trapmate Dual Vibration/Magnet Sensors onto snap traps quick and foolproof, for those that are using the magnetic reed switch mechanism on the sensor. The use of the reed switch provide for virtually 100% accuracy in trap alerts, avoiding both false positive and false negative readings.

The magnet holder attaches to either the kill bar of traditional snap traps or into the tab at the top of Jawz and similar trap, positioning the magnet correctly against the Vibration/Magnet Sensor when the trap is set. When the trap is sprung, the magnet moves away from the sensor, triggering the alert.

Using the Magnet Holder, in conjunction with Trapmate Join Plates, reduces the time to install Trapmate Vibration/Magnet sensors on your traps and ensures the correct placement of the magnet.

The Snap Trap Magnet Holders are sold in packs of 50.