Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor

Please contact us at [email protected] for pricing and availability. The PIR Motion Sensor will be available in Q4 2023. 

The Trapmate Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor uses an infrared sensor which detects temperature changes its field of view to establish the presence of rodents or other warm-blooded animals.

The PIR Motion Sensor can be deployed inside of a station or on the outside of a station “looking” in, and can also be utilized in crawl spaces, above drop ceilings and in other hard-to-reach areas to monitor for animal presence.

Upon detecting motion, the PIR Motion Sensor sends alerts to your Trapmate software via the Trapmate Hub, which can be as far away as 2,000 feet (line of sight) from the sensor. The sensor is lightweight, durable, and runs for five years on a set of off-the-shelf batteries.

  • Requires a Trapmate Hub and a subscription to operate

Passive Infrared Motion Sensors will be sold in 5-packs.

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The Trapmate Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor is an integral component of the Trapmate Hub and Sensors electronic monitoring solution. The "drop and go" PIR Motion Sensor monitors for changes in temperature inside of its field of view which indicate the presence of rodents or other warm-blooded animals.

The PIR Motion Sensor is designed to be used with traps or stations where the Vibration/Magnet Sensor might not be feasible, such as multi-catch traps or glue board stations. You can deploy the PIR Motion Sensor either inside a station, or outside a vent in the station looking in, depending on the size of the station.

You can also use the PIR Motion Sensor outside of stations to detect rodent or other animal motion in order to establish the vector of the infestation. This deployment method is ideal for spaces where there no human movement, such as attics, crawl spaces and above drop ceilings. As environmental temperature changes can also set up sensor alerts, the PIR Motion Sensor has software-configurable sensitivity settings so you can reduce the chance of false positives.

The Trapmate PIR Motion Sensors communicate with Trapmate Hubs using a proprietary 915MHz radio frequency signal, which allows the sensors to be placed as far away as 2,000 feet when there's a line of sight connection. Sensor-to-Hub range inside of buildings depends on the building layout and building materials, as well as the other contents of the building, but can be in the hundreds of feet, particularly if the battery-powered Trapmate Hub is mounted in an elevated fashion.

The PIR Motion Sensor comes in two versions -- one with an external antenna and one using an internal antenna, so that even if the sensor is inside of a metal station you can get alerts. It is powered by two off-the-shelf AA lithium batteries, and will run for 5 years on those two batteries. The batteries are replaceable.

Deploying the PIR Motion Sensor is easy. No pairing or passwords are required. You register each sensor one time using the Skyhawk Trapmate software, subscribe that sensor if your organization hasn't already done so, and then attach the sensor to the trap. You can photograph the location of the sensor and drop a pin on the map so you know exactly where the device was deployed. You won\'t need to worry about WiFi or power or other Internet connections -- the sensor automatically finds the nearest Trapmate Hub.

Along with the Trapmate Hub and Vibration/Magnet Sensors, the PIR Motion Sensor provides a multi-faceted method to reduce the amount of time your team spends checking empty traps or making unnecessary visits, allowing more time for strategic pest management and/or other clients. The PIR Motion adds additional abilities to operate outside of trap stations, providing real time intelligence on animal movements.

Use the PIR Motion Sensor to improve your service while reducing your costs and create new add-on service offerings for your commercial and residential clients.

Subscriptions per sensor are as low as $2.50/month (annual subscription) or $4/month (quarterly subscription) or $9/month (month-to-month).

Additional discounts on subscriptions are available to enterprise customers, depending on product volume. For more information on pricing, e-mail [email protected]


Size (L x W x H) 3.75 x 2.20 x 1.10 in / 9.53 x 5.59 x 2.79 cm
Weight 8oz / 227g
Operational Temperature 0F° to 140F° / -18C° to 60C°
Operational Humidity 10 to 100% RH
Ingress Protection IP64/67
Material Lexan
Mounting Mounting ears, magnets or velcro
Power Source 2 x AA alkaline batteries
Average Power Usage < 20μW
Power Lifetime –  (standard duty cycle*) 10+ years
External Power Connection N/A
Local RF 915 ISM, GFSK, <1W
Local RF LOS Range 2000 ft / 610 m
Antenna Type Internal or external
Radio Transmit Frequency 915MHz ISM
Radio Transmit Power Up to 1W
Supported Signals Alerts and polling. Low data.
Data Security VPN
Regulatory (US) FCC 15.247
Environmental N/A