Trapmate Launches New Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

Trapmate Launches New Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

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January 23, 2024 (Derry, NH) — Skyhawk today announced the launch of the Trapmate Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor, the latest member of its Trapmate ( line of electronic remote monitoring products for rodent and wildlife control.

The Trapmate PIR Motion Sensor, optimized for use with multi-catch traps, uses an infrared detector to sense the changes in temperature that rodents create when inside of a trap. Two years in development, the PIR Motion Sensor was specifically engineered for accuracy, to reduce almost to zero the risk of false positive alerts that have plagued other IR sensors.

Mounts Easily to All Major Multi-Catch Traps

The PIR Motion Sensor mounts on the outside of traps, allowing it to be used with metal traps of any type where internal sensors wouldn’t easily function. For the easiest installation, Skyhawk offers as an accessory the Trapmate Universal PIR Adapter, which attaches to almost all common multi-catch traps and fixes and aligns the infrared detector to a viewing port in the trap wall.

PIR Sensor

Similar to Skyhawk’s other Trapmate sensor, the Dual Vibration/Magnet Sensor, the PIR Motion Sensor uses a proprietary finely-tuned sub-GHz RF network to link with the battery-powered Trapmate Hub, which can be located hundreds of feet away, or even thousands of feet away if the traps are outdoors. Each Hub can monitor hundreds of Trapmate Sensors at once, sending alerts and other status information to the Trapmate mobile apps and enterprise portal.

Optimized Solutions for Each of Your Preferred Trap Types

The addition of the PIR Motion Sensor means Trapmate now provides three different sensing technologies for detecting trap captures, more than any other company in pest control’s remote monitoring sector. Depending on the type of traps in use and the PCO’s preference, they can monitor for captures with infrared motion detection, with accelerometer-based vibration detection, or with a magnetic reed switch that detects trap arm or door movements.

“Skyhawk is committed to providing the rodent control industry with solutions that allow them to leverage the gear they already have,” said Rich Shevelow, CEO of Skyhawk. “By providing different sensors that work across different trap types, and adapters for easy attachment to almost any manufacturer’s gear, we’re lowering the cost of remote monitoring for the industry.”

The Trapmate PIR Motion Sensor is powered by two replaceable AA batteries, with a lifetime of 5 or more years per set of batteries. It is lightweight (8 oz.), small (3.8” x 2.2” x 1.1”) and rugged enough for almost every rodent trapping environment.

How to Buy the PIR Motion Sensor

The PIR Motion Sensor is sold in lots of 5 sensors, for a price of $219, and is also available bundled with the Trapmate Hub in quantities of 5 and 20 sensors. You can purchase them through the Trapmate web site ( or by calling Skyhawk (800-760-3699). Need more information? Reach out to us at [email protected] or by using the contact form below.