Upgrade to Trapmate

Continuity Program for ActiveSense® Users

According to multiple industry sources, the company that makes ActiveSense electronic remote monitoring has been sold and will cease to support its other customers early next year.

To help customers not be left in the lurch, Skyhawk is providing an upgrade program to make it easier to replace your ActiveSense systems with Trapmate.

Get as Much as a 10% Discount

We’re offering a one-time opportunity for existing ActiveSense users that step up to Trapmate. Any order over $3,000 will receive a 10% discount off of Trapmate Hubs, Trapmate Kiwis, or Trapmate Sensors. Any order under $3,000 will receive a 5% discount. Full details are below. 

Trapmate – The Better ERM

Trapmate is offers superior performance and value than other ERM systems:

  • Battery-powered hubs you can place anywhere, whether or not there’s power.
  • Easiest ERM to install — no time-consuming pairing or passwords needed
  • Attaches easily to most existing traps (and we make adapters for yours)
  • DualSense vibration/magnet sensor with snap traps provides ~100% accuracy
  • True remote monitoring — access trap data from anywhere, unlike Bluetooth solutions which make you visit the site
  • Better value for the money (and even better value with this discount!)

Upgrade to Trapmate Program Details

  • Existing ActiveSense customers will receive a 5% discount on their first order, if under $3,000 before taxes, and a 10% for orders over $3,000
  • Subsequent orders will not receive the discount
  • Discounts are available on Trapmate Hubs, any Trapmate Sensor, and the Trapmate Kiwi. Accessories will not be discounted
  • Only available to customers based on the United States. Trapmate does not yet operate outside of the U.S.
  • Program is only available through February 29, 2024
  • Subscriptions are required to operate Trapmate systems. Contact your Trapmate representative for more details

Skyhawk — Your Reliable ERM Partner

Skyhawk is 100% committed to electronic remote monitoring – it’s all we do. And we do all of our own design, development and manufacturing in facilities we own. So you can be sure that we’re here for the long haul.

For more information on the Upgrade to Trapmate promotion, e-mail [email protected], call 800-760-3699, or fill out the form on this page. These discounts are not available through the online store.

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