Skyhawk Trapmate: ERM Reliability You Can Build Your Business On

Electronic remote monitoring (ERM) is creating new growth opportunities for PCOs, driving better results for your clients, lower your costs of operations and achieve higher revenue growth.

To capture this growth, you need an ERM system that you can rely on absolutely. That’s where Trapmate comes in.

Reliable Power

Unlike other ERM systems, all Trapmate devices, including the gateway to the cloud, run on batteries. This gives you years of uptime reliability you just can’t get with gateways that need to be plugged in. And you can place Trapmate in places without power at all.

Reliable Alerts

Only Trapmate provides you with dual-sensor devices that virtually eliminate all false positives and negatives, so you don’t waste time. We offer other sensor options as well, and will help you find the mix that’s ideal for your chosen traps and stations.

Reliable Partner

Skyhawk is 100% committed to electronic remote monitoring – it’s all we do. And we do all of our own design, development and manufacturing in facilities we own. So you can be sure that we’re here for the long haul.

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Trapmate: Trust Your Tracking