Roof Top Rodents

Roof Top Rodents

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Moyer Indoor | Outdoor is a family-owned company founded in 1869. Today Moyer has nine service divisions, including Moyer Pest Control for residential and commercial customers. Moyer Pest Control delivers pest and wildlife control services in Southeastern Pennsylvania and portions of New Jersey and Delaware.

The Problem

A homeowner experiencing scratching noises in their attic contacted Moyer Pest Control. A challenge to this particular pest service was no access to the attic. As one would expect, when the technician asked the customer about possibly cutting a hole to gain access, the answer was “NO!” Moyer conducted a full inspection of the residence’s exterior, which did not reveal any signs of nuisance wildlife activity such as grey squirrels.

The Plan of Action

The company proposed a plan to place rodent trap boxes on the roof near the dormers and around the home’s exterior perimeter, which the homeowner agreed upon since no rodenticides were to be used due to the customer’s concern for pets and wildlife. The technician set all traps with Skyhawk Sensor alerts to avoid unnecessary climbing of ladders to check empty traps. All traps were baited with Pro Pest rodent lure and secured to the roof with Hercules putty. Only one type of snap trap and trap box was used for this control method.

The Results

Four deer mice were captured on the roof, and three house mice were captured in the traps located around the home’s foundation. The traps were left in place for seven days. However, all captures took place within the first four days. Before the technician removed the traps, the customer revealed that they had not heard any scratching noises since three days after the traps were set. Moyer Pest Control will explore the use of the Skyhawk Sensor alert system in these types of cases and as the basis of a program to reduce the use of rodenticide while achieving control measures dramatically.

The Trapmate Advantage

Trapmate offers real-time data and alerts, allowing users to monitor traps remotely and receive immediate notifications when a trap is triggered. This level of connectivity and responsiveness enhances efficiency and reduces manual checks, saving time and resources. Additionally, Trapmate’s robust analytics provide valuable insights into trapping trends and effectiveness, empowering users to make informed decisions to optimize their trapping strategies. With its reliable performance and innovative features, Skyhawk Trapmate sets a new standard for trap monitoring systems in the industry.

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