Front Yard Voles

Front Yard Voles

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Moyer Indoor | Outdoor is a family-owned company founded in 1869. Today Moyer has nine service divisions, including Moyer Pest Control for residential and commercial customers. Moyer Pest Control delivers pest and wildlife control services in Southeastern Pennsylvania and portions of New Jersey and Delaware.

The Problem

Moyer Pest Control was contacted by a homeowner to address a meadow vole problem in their front yard. Out of concern for their neighbors and pets, the homeowner decided rodenticides would not be a suitable method. With the homeowner’s wishes in mind and Moyer’s previous success with snap traps for voles, the technicians at Moyer recommended deploying this strategy. The homeowners appreciated having this option presented to them and that Moyer had a solution to meet their specific needs.

The Plan of Action

Two types of snap traps were used for this control method, both inside rodent stations. For meadow voles, the stations are set directly on the trails and require no bait as the voles will travel the same paths repeatedly. On several traps, Pro Pest rodent lure was applied. A total of eight trap boxes were set, and all included the Skyhawk Sensor alert system. On a typical vole trapping, the technician would be sent back every day or two to check the traps; the technician might need to check the traps for several weeks. The Skyhawk app gave the technician details regarding which traps received alerts, and upon inspection, each trap box that had received an alert contained a meadow vole. The Skyhawk Sensor alerts were 100% accurate, and by the end of the service, the technician was 100% confident that the trap to be checked would contain a captured vole.

The Results

Over the next four days, seven meadow voles were captured. There were two additional days without captures after that, and all the traps were removed. At that time, all the vole holes were filled in with topsoil. No activity was observed after two return visits over a week and a half to inspect the holes. This service was completed in a reasonable amount of time to ensure the customer’s satisfaction, and since no rodenticides were used on this property, no additional services were scheduled. Moyer Pest Control has performed thousands of meadow vole trappings, and the Skyhawk Sensor remote sensing unit was a tremendous benefit for the service technician on this job. The next time meadow voles become a nuisance, this customer will be sure to call Moyer Pest Control.

The Trapmate Advantage

Trapmate offers real-time data and alerts, allowing users to monitor traps remotely and receive immediate notifications when a trap is triggered. This level of connectivity and responsiveness enhances efficiency and reduces manual checks, saving time and resources. Additionally, Trapmate’s robust analytics provide valuable insights into trapping trends and effectiveness, empowering users to make informed decisions to optimize their trapping strategies. With its reliable performance and innovative features, Skyhawk Trapmate sets a new standard for trap monitoring systems in the industry.

Front Yard Voles
Front Yard Voles