Whatever Types of Trap You Use, Trapmate Will Monitor It

Without using remote monitoring, you can spend as much as 75% of your site time for checking traps. Using Trapmate, you can cut that time dramatically and focus on eliminating the pest problem.

Trapmate – Whatever Traps You Use, We’ve Got You Monitored

Trapmate offers monitoring solutions for any trap type and deployment scenario, with different sensor types optimized for the type of trap you’re monitoring. Unlike other remote monitoring solutions, you can leverage your existing trap and station investment, instead of having to buy new gear.

  • Passive Infrared Motion Sensors: Designed for multi-catch traps
  • Dual Vibration/Magnet Sensors: Ideal for snap traps or animal traps
  • Trapmate Kiwis: Designed for remote single animal traps

No matter which type of monitoring you prefer, Skyhawk provides Trapmate adapters and connectors that make adding monitoring to your existing traps quick and easy. And Trapmate’s battery-powered Hubs let you monitor thousands of sensors in a single location. 

Your traps, low-cost hardware, and sensors that last for 10 years or more — it all adds up to the best and lowest cost ERM solution for your pest and wildlife control.

Tell Us Your Trap Preferences and We’ll Design You The Ideal Solution

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