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By leveraging an ERM system, the food industry and supply chain can now access data and transparency across facilities that were previously difficult to obtain. This system allows you to be alerted to rodent activity before it becomes a significant issue, ultimately protecting your brand, reducing risk, and ensuring the safety of your customers from recalls.

ERM is critical to the food safety industry

Electronic remote monitoring (ERM) plays a critical role in ensuring food safety and quality within the food industry. By leveraging advanced technology, ERM systems provide real-time insights into crucial aspects of food production, storage, and transportation, helping to mitigate risks and prevent potential issues that could compromise food safety. Here are several key reasons why ERM is essential in the food industry:

Trapmate offers superior performance and value compared to other ERM systems:

  • Compatible with most traps — including snap-traps, multi-catch traps, and animal traps
  • Battery-powered hubs — place them anywhere, whether or not there’s power
  • No Wi-Fi needed — we use cellular connected technology
  • Easy to install — no time-consuming pairing or passwords needed
  • True remote monitoring — access trap data from anywhere, unlike Bluetooth solutions which make you visit the site
  • Better value for the money

With our optimized solutions for snap-traps, multi-catch traps, and animal traps, you can easily transition to our Trapmate products while experiencing little to no break in productivity. Skyhawk Trapmate is fully dedicated to electronic remote monitoring—it’s our sole focus. We handle all design, development, and manufacturing in our own facilities, ensuring our commitment for the long haul.

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