Skyhawk Trapmate – Your remote monitoring solution

Learn more about how electronic remote monitoring (ERM) can help your business

Skyhawk Trapmate has emerged as the ideal solution for those seeking to enhance their monitoring needs. With a commitment to providing superior performance and value, Trapmate is the right choice for your remote monitoring needs.

Trapmate offers superior performance and value compared to other ERM systems:

  • Compatible with most traps — including snap-traps, multi-catch traps, and animal traps
  • Battery-powered hubs you can place anywhere, whether or not there’s power
  • Easy to install — no time-consuming pairing or passwords needed
  • True remote monitoring — access trap data from anywhere, unlike Bluetooth solutions which make you visit the site
  • Better value for the money

With our optimized solutions for snap-traps, multi-catch traps, and animal traps, you can easily transition to our Trapmate products while experiencing little to no break in productivity. Skyhawk Trapmate is fully dedicated to electronic remote monitoring—it’s our sole focus. We handle all design, development, and manufacturing in our own facilities, ensuring our commitment for the long haul.

For more information on upgrading to Trapmate, please contact our dedicated sales team by sending an email to [email protected], call 800-760-3699, or fill out the form on this page.

The Trapmate Hub and Sensors combines with the Trapmate Software to provide the highest reliable multi-trap electronic remote monitoring solution

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