The Trapmate PIR Motion Sensor: Designed for Multi-Catch Traps

If you’re a user of multi-catch traps, use the new Trapmate PIR Motion Sensor to remotely monitor them, saving time and money.

The PIR Motion Sensor mounts to the outside of your multi-catch traps, looking in with an infrared detector which senses the warmth of rodents caught in your trap and sends an immediate alert to your team.

Compared to other multi-catch monitoring solutions, Trapmate’s is:

  • More reliable
  • More affordable
  • Works with your existing traps
  • Quicker to install

Talk to our ERM Experts

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You can also purchase the PIR Motion Sensor and PIR Motion Sensor adapter on the Trapmate store, including in some money-saving bundles.

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I’d like to add monitoring to my multi-catch traps

Trapmate PIR Sensor and multi-catch trap