When you compare Trapmate pricing to other electronic remote monitoring systems, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

The Trapmate Hub retails for $189, and Trapmate Sensors are offered in 5-packs for $179 (without antenna) or $184 (with antenna). The Trapmate Kiwi retails for $99.

You can connect hundreds of sensors to a single Hub, dramatically lowering the cost/trap for electronic remote monitoring compared to our Kiwi solution. If you have one or two traps in a given location, though, using Kiwis will offer a better cost/trap.

Activating your devices requires a subscription for each device. The monthly subscription charge for a Trapmate Hub ranges from $10 to $18, depending on whether you purchase an annual subscription or a monthly one. Sensor subscriptions cost between $2.50 a month (annual subscription) and $9 a month (monthly subscription).

Depending on the number of Trapmate devices you are buying, you may be eligible for enterprise discounts on both hardware and software. Contact your Trapmate representative by e-mail or call (800) 760-3966 for more information.