The ideal choice for pest control and wildlife control officers

Skyhawk Trapmate provides drop-and-go battery-powered electronic remote monitoring solutions that work with your existing traps and stations. Arm yourself with Trapmate to grow your business faster, service your customers better, and transform the way you work.

Multi-trap Solutions

Multi-trap solutions for rodent control provide efficient and scalable strategies to address larger infestations.

Multi-trap Solutions

Single-trap Solutions

Single trap solutions for wildlife control offer targeted and humane methods to manage specific animal populations.

Single-trap Solutions

With robust construction and seamless integration into existing systems, Skyhawk Trapmate products deliver unparalleled performance and peace of mind, making them the top choice for control professionals and businesses alike.

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Our innovative products, designed for both efficiency and ease of use, offer cutting-edge solutions to manage and monitor pest activity seamlessly. Shop now and experience the future of pest and wildlife control with Trapmate!

  • Trapmate Hub

    Trapmate Hub

    The Trapmate Hub serves as the central gateway for the Trapmate multi-trap electronic remote monitoring solution. Acting as the nerve center of this advanced system, the Hub seamlessly connects with Trapmate Sensors to provide real-time monitoring and management of multiple traps.

  • Trapmate Kiwi+ (Plus)

    Trapmate Kiwi+ (Plus)

    The Trapmate Kiwi Plus takes wildlife and pest control to the next level with its enhanced features and superior performance. Designed for seamless integration into your Trapmate ERM system, the Kiwi Plus delivers real-time monitoring and detailed data on trap activity and pest presence.

  • Vibration/Magnet Sensor

    Vibration/Magnet Sensor

    The Trapmate Vibration/Magnet Sensor is a state-of-the-art addition to your pest control toolkit. This versatile sensor uses advanced vibration and magnetic detection technology to monitor trap status in real-time, ensuring you are immediately alerted to any pest captures.

What makes us different?

Skyhawk Trapmate, manufactured by our parent company Pica, offers a comprehensive line of replaceable battery-powered electronic remote monitoring solutions for rodent control and wildlife trapping. Utilizing our award-winning Flocksense technology, Trapmate simplifies and expands deployment capabilities with our exclusive battery-operated gateways.

All Trapmate solutions are battery-powered and use cellular connectivity, making them ideal for locations without power or WiFi access.

Grow Your Business
Grow Your Business
Skyhawk Launches Newest Member of its Trapmate family: The Kiwi+


Experience unparalleled accuracy and ease with the Kiwi Plus. Engineered for those who demand the best in pest management, this state-of-the-art device offers real-time monitoring and instant alerts, ensuring you stay ahead of any infestation. With its robust design and user-friendly interface, the Kiwi Plus takes the guesswork out of pest control, providing peace of mind and protecting your valuable assets.

Discover the next level of efficiency and control with the Trapmate Kiwi Plus – your ultimate partner in pest management.

Skyhawk Launches Newest Member of its Trapmate family: The Kiwi+

Do you have our app?

Trapmate proudly provides customizable, precise, and real-time monitoring solutions that set the standard in ERM for pest and wildlife control management.

Download our app today in your preferred app store, Apple App Store or Google Play, and connect your Trapmate Hub, Sensors, and Kiwis.

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Why Use Trapmate?

Stop checking empty traps and transform your trapping routine

Reinvest time into results and business growth

Get real-time data to guide your control strategies

Gain the upper hand when competing for new business

Trapmate Enterprise Edition


Skyhawk Trapmate proudly provides customizable, precise, and real-time monitoring solutions that set the standard in ERM for pest and wildlife management.

Advanced analytics provided by Trapmate delivers valuable insights to enhance operational strategies for officers dealing with various pest and wildlife scenarios. Its seamless integration with existing systems and scalability makes it adaptable for businesses of all sizes, ensuring a high return on investment. Trapmate’s user-friendly interface enhances user adoption, enabling officers to effortlessly monitor traps and assets with confidence.


Check out our video library for all your trapping needs, featuring installation tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and additional resources.


of Pest and Wildlife Control Efforts Wasted on Checking Empty Traps!


  • Know exactly which traps have animals in them and which you can skip

  • Save valuable time on the job site

  • Allow you to focus on inspection, exclusion, and cleanup

Trapmate Case Studies

Trapmate’s case studies showcase real-world scenarios where our electronic remote monitoring products have provided tangible benefits for our customers. Each case study highlights a unique challenge faced by a customer, how Trapmate was implemented to address that challenge, and the positive outcomes achieved as a result.

roof rat removal set up

Roof Rat Removal: Outsmarting This Wily Rodent with Remote Monitoring

Roof rats (rattus rattus) have proven to be one of the most challenging and dangerous rodents in the U.S. today.

Roof Rat

Solving a Residential Infestation with Trapmate

St. Peter Pest Control received an urgent request for service from a residential property owner. Inspecting the home revealed a severe rodent infestation

Improving Customer Service Using Skyhawk Trapmate

Lee’s Nuisance Wildlife Services, LLC provides professional animal and wildlife control services and solves nuisance animal problems for residential…