About Us

Who Makes Trapmate?

Trapmate products are made by Skyhawk, a leader in IoT connectivity technology and remote monitoring. The Trapmate team combines experts in hardware design, software engineering, quality assurances, manufacturing, marketing and industry sales, all of whom are dedicated to delivering the best remote monitoring solutions for the pest and wildlife control industries.

Trapmate’s unique advantages in electronic remote trap monitoring are made possible by Skyhawk’s core technology, the PRIoT (Portable Remote IoT) connectivity platform.

Who is Skyhawk?

Skyhawk is the Internet of Things (IoT) business unit of PICA Product Development (PPD), part of the PICA Group, a leading electronics manufacturer that for more than 30 years has helped technology leaders to bring a variety of innovative products to market.

Skyhawk has developed in its PRIoT platform the IoT industry’s only fully battery-powered connectivity solution. PRIoT combines long-range radio frequency connections to sensors, a cellular backhaul to the cloud, and a full suite of backend and applications software for sensor and gateway management.

Portable, easy to deploy and able to operate for years on off-the-shelf batteries, Skyhawk PRIoT enables new types of data collection solutions which haven’t been possible on other IoT platforms, such as the Skyhawk Trapmate electronic remote trap monitoring product line.

Skyhawk and PPD are headquartered in Derry, NH. Skyhawk Trapmate products are manufactured in the United States and at PICA Group’s Malaysian subsidiary. For more information on Skyhawk, visit www.skyhawk.ai.