Trapmate Adapters

Pricing for Trapmate Adapters is based on quantity and adapter type. Contact [email protected] for a customized quote.

Trapmate Adapters make it even easier to add Trapmate electronic remote monitoring (ERM) to your existing traps and stations.

The Adapters simplify the placement and mounting of Trapmate Sensors and your preferred snap traps so that they can easily connect using the Trapmate Swivel Connectors. There are Adapter designs for traps mounted outside of stations, as well as Adapter inserts which fit snugly into the pest control industry’s most commonly used stations.

Current stations supported include:

  • Bell EVO Rat Station
  • Aegis RP Anchor
  • VM EZ Clean Station

If we haven’t yet designed an Adapter for your preferred trap and/or station, we can use Skyhawk’s 3-D printing capability to create a design for your needs.