Skyhawk CE Mobile App Overview

Skyhawk CE Mobile App Overview

Skyhawk CE Mobile App Overview

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With the Alert Center, you can easily see what devices in your account have alert notifications, as well as any possible ‘warning’ events, such as a low battery.


In the Status view you can pause notifications, enter ‘Notes’, and view the last 30 days of device activity for the device. Additional options based on device.


The Deployment view allows you to save simple deployment information, update device name and description, and see device location (set at the time of deployment from within the app) on a map view.


In the Settings view, you can set your notification preferences, including up to 5 emails and 2 telephone numbers to be included on notifications.

Enterprise Portal Overview

Enterprise Portal Overview

Enterprise Portal Overview

The Skyhawk Enterprise Portal is your gateway to the insights you need to ensure your business is running at its very best. Designed to be easy to use, with the ability to track device deployments, assign technicians, and maintain your customer details, the Enterprise Portal gives you the broad view you’ve been looking for to ensure your company’s success.

The dashboard view allows you to identify the devices you currently have deployed in the field, and quickly assess which have alerts that require attention.

Get fine-grain device detail for each of your deployed devices including last active date, notes, sensitivity, and more.

You have complete control of accounts that are associated with your company

You can easily keep track of your customers, their various locations, and all devices that you have deployed across their sites.

Skyhawk Hub & Sensors Features And Specifications

Skyhawk Hub & Sensors Features And Specifications

Skyhawk Hub & Sensors Features And Specifications

The Skyhawk Hub and Sensors cellular-based, battery-operated remote monitoring sensors were designed to provide rodent and wildlife control businesses with vastly more utility and deployment capabilities, at the most cost-effective prices available on the market today.

The Skyhawk Hub and Sensors enable a wide network of various sensor types to be strung together seamlessly and wirelessly, all intelligently communicating back to a revolutionary new central hub without the need for complex installation procedures, Wi-Fi, or external power.

The first Skyhawk Hub and Sensor line of many was designed and developed with the expertise and guidance of live trapping and pest control operators, allowing an expansive network of traps to simultaneously be deployed and monitored regardless of trap brand or type.

Features and Specifications

Skyhawk Hub

  • Central communications for all sensors
  • 1+ year of battery life – only ERM hub on the market
  • that runs solely on batteries
  • User changeable AA batteries
  • Quarter mile+ data transmission line of sight range
  • Additional antenna for long range
  • Pre-paired with sensors from the factory
  • Custom sensor pairing combinations

Skyhawk Vibration / Magnet Sensor

  • Accelerometer and Magnet-Pull Triggers
  • 2+ year battery life
  • User changeable AA batteries